Sega accepts legal console game modding with new Genesis PC emulation center

Monday, MAy 23, 2016  /  Computer Games /  0 Comments

For years now, the only real way to enjoy the numerous fan-modified variations of traditional console games floating around was through the legally questionable technique of downloading altered ROM files and running them through a computer emulator (legal cartridge-ripping hardware regardless of).

Now, Sega is lastly lending some official assistance to what has actually previously been a really unofficial activity, including the capability to modify and rearrange specific traditional PC-emulated Genesis titles through Valve's Steam works platform.


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Paradox, White Wolf File 'Computer Game' Trademark For Vampire Bloodlines

Monday, May 23, 2016  /  Computer Games /  0 Comments

I think we might all do with a brand-new CRPG based upon White Wolf’s World of Darkness, specifically after the dragged out advancement and eventual cancellation of the MMO. Well, we might just get our wish if the publisher’s most recent trademark application is anything to go by Iwantcheats.

Spotted by the folks over at RPG Codex, White Wolf which is currently owned by Paradox Interactive submitted a trademark for Vampire Bloodlines with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in late April; however, it appears it was placed with Europe’s Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) as far as back in October.

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Couple Win Cow in Computer Game

Monday, MAy 23, 2016  /  Computer Games /  0 Comments

A Tunisian couple has actually won the top prize in an online strategy online game, a cow. Pamela the cow was put up as a reward in the online method game, Bagra, (literally, cow) where gamers must grow their own herd, whilst securing their livestock from competitors rustling.

Prior to her award, Pamela the cow had actually been remaining at the workplaces of the video game’s designers, Digital Mania. Video supplied by regional news site, Tuniscope shows Pamela being loaded into a trailer for shipment to her brand-new owners.